Potomac Pool Service

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Potomac Pool Service Presidential Client Guarantee. You are free from:
  • Handling chemicals or organic waste from pool
  • Responsibility of purchasing or using manual pool cleaning equipment
  • Responsibility of vacuuming
  • Responsibility of backwashing
  • Responsibility of brushing tiles
  • Responsibility of cleaning hair/lint strainer
  • Responsibility of priming pump
  • Responsibility of taking chemical readings
  • Responsibility of learning saturation index to balance water
  • Responsibility of storing chemicals
Turn Key Service Designed to Minimize Owner Responsibility for Pool
Potomac uses own cleaning equipment, such as vacuum, head and hose
Potomac supplies 100% of all chemicals for balancing water
Weekly cleaning and chemical treatments
Winterization II - Winterization plus 1/2 hour of vacuuming
Mid-December Winter Inspection
Spring Opening 2 (Spring Opening with up to 1/2 hr vacuuming)
50% discount available for first purchased Winter Inspection
Potomac supplies 50% of all chemicals for balancing water
Bi-Weekly Cleaning and Chemical Treatments
Client purchases/owns cleaning equipment, such as vacuum, head and hose
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